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Rodents are considered a pest as they spread harmful diseases, contaminate human food and damage people’s property. Panther Pest Exterminators can help you with efficient rodent control in hyderabd to effectively eliminate the rodents in your property. If you have any doubts about having a rodent problem, contact us for professional pest inspection and we’ll determine if there is any rodent activity in your property.

  • Roughly 50% of the Norway rodent population harbours the Weils disease, which they spread through their urine. Contamination results in flu-like symptoms, as well as kidney failure and jaundice. In some cases, the disease can even be a cause of death, as with Olympic gold medallist Andy Holmes.
  • Norway rodents are very agile, as they can perform both vertical (up to 77 cm) and horizontal jumps (more than 120 cm).
  • Rodents are born with long incisor teeth, which continue to grow longer and longer throughout their lifetime. To ease this growth and wear their teeth down, they must constantly gnaw at whatever they can. Of course, this tends to cause a lot of problems for us, considering they usually chomp through pipes and wires.
  • The most profuse species of rodent in the entirety of the United Kingdom is the common brown rodent, also known as the Norway rodent. These critters are usually found within burrows and in sewage systems.
  • Rodents are very good swimmers. In fact, they are able to get into your bathroom by swimming the entire way to the toilet through the sewers.Rodents can hold their breath underwater for 3 minutes. When their head is above the water, they are able to swim for 3 days without stopping.