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If you have seen one cockroach in your property, you can be sure there are more around. They are very common pests and are known to transfer many diseases. To protect your home and health choose our cockroach control in Hyderabad, These crawling insects are very resilient but we use high quality insecticides and baits to ensure full cockroach extermination.

  • Oriental cockroach egg cases, consists of nearly 16 eggs. These egg cases are also known as ootheca and can lay in a dormant state up to three moths before they hatch.
  • Cockroaches tend to run away at the first sign of light. This is exactly why they hide during the day and come out, and become active during the night.
  • German cockroaches are far more agile than other species. They can easily climb up higher level areas, such as flats and roofs and often infest the mentioned areas.
  • The Oriental cockroaches are very fond of warm surroundings, which is exactly why they tend to live in heating ducts, drains and waste pipes.
  • Researchers from the University Of California , Barkeley’s Department Of Integrative Biology have developed a prototype of a robot roach. The device is able to squeeze, curl and do all sorts of other things a cockroach body can. This robotic bug will be used to look for missing persons under earthquake ruins.
  • Researchers were able to train roaches to prefer the smell of mint rather than the smell of vanilla. They also found out cockroaches are easily-trainable during the evening.